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Vegan Volume Powder Refill

Vegan Volume Powder Refill

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There VOLUME POWDER RECHARGE allows you to refill your jar VEGAN VOLUME POWDER , once fully.

Simple, economical and ECOLOGICAL!

There VOLUME POWDER RECHARGE is a volume powder that texturizes and mattifies the roots while absorbing excess sebum. It is suitable for all hair types and is essential for fine hair, hair with a tendency to quickly regrease and bangs.

Fred completely reinvents the dry shampoo technique: an infinitely refillable powder compact inspired by makeup gestures, to be dabbed on the roots for precise and targeted application. Bye-bye aerosols!

There VEGAN VOLUME POWDER allows you to space out shampoos and is easy to carry for a touch-up anywhere during the day: ideal for giving a fresh look to your hairstyle after your sports class or before a party.

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Vegan Volume Powder Refill


The VOLUME POWDER REFILL allows you to recharge your pot of VEGAN VOLUME POWDER, once completely.

Usage tips

Unscrew the upper part of the pot, open it and pour the contents of the refill into the pot, screw it back in and it's ready!
Dab the roots where you want volume.
RECHARGE VOLUME POWDER texturizes and absorbs excess sebum.

Kraft paper refill to be placed in the appropriate bins. Refill to limit waste.


1- Organic nettle extract which stimulates blood circulation of the scalp and detoxifies.
2- Corn starch which absorbs excess sebum and texturizes the hair.
3- Rice powder which texturizes.

100% of ingredients are of natural origin


Without perfume

Zea mays (corn) strach, Oryza Sativa (rice) hull powder, Urtica dioica (nettle) leaf extract, Glycerin, Aqua

As our formulas may change, we recommend that you check the list of ingredients appearing on the product purchased upon receipt. For pregnant or breastfeeding women, we invite you to check the list of ingredients and seek advice from your doctor.