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Protect My Hair "coconut/spirulina" hair mask

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Is your hair lacking in vigour? Pamper them with our PROTECT MY HAIR hair mask! Formulated around a combination of coconut and spirulina, it diffuses its nourishing and fortifying active ingredients to the heart of the hair. Your hair is healthier, stronger, and more beautiful!

Its creamy texture of a pretty sea green and pleasantly scented with coconut transforms your dry, frizzy or damaged hair, without weighing it down. After use, your hair detangles in the blink of an eye and regains all its softness and shine. Its simple and natural composition targets the essentials and respects the delicacy of the hair.

Our mask contains spirulina, a micro-algae classified as a superfood and brimming with great benefits for hair care. Rich in protein, it encourages the synthesis of keratin and makes your hair stronger and more vigorous. The beta-carotene it contains boosts the shine of the fibre, while the iron stops hair loss and keeps them in great shape!